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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day with Sam and Heinz!

On Mother's Day, Sam came over to cook dinner for me!
I stayed out of the kitchen and let her work her magic!

Bruschetta! Deeelicious!!!

Heinz was the grill master! With Sam's masterful marinade and Heinz's grill skills, the chicken was divine!

Strawberry shortcake for dessert! What could be better?

After dinner, Sam drug (or is it dragged, will a grammer whiz help me out, please!!!) us out for a walk.

All this is right across the street from our house! Beautiful!

It was a great day! Only a few things were missing....

Being a Mom is the best!!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Henry's Blessing Day!

Henry Chadwick Oyler was blessed by his father, Chad, on Sunday, March 29, 2009. Heinz and I drove up to Meridian on Wednesday to spend a few days with their little family before the blessing and to be there on that special day. Sam and Josh flew up on Saturday. Drew and Tiff were there in spirit but were unable to join us. We had a great time!

Henry's smiling now and rolling from his stomach to his back. So precocious!

A little family bonding time....

A little pool time....

Nice swimming togs, Sam!

A bath and towel dry by Opa before the big day!Ryann knitted Henry's blessing day sweater vest!

The proud parents, post-blessing...

Help Arrives!

Being completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of the job ahead...Ryann, Chad, Coco and Henry came to help us unpack!

When the babies went down for naps, Ryann and I worked like crazy people unpacking and organizing. we had a few distractions!!

Coco and Henry are soooooo CUTE!!!

Sammy needed some help of her own....

Tyler smoked a turkey for us! It was deeelicious!!!

Our China shipment.....

Another cold and snowy day, February 1, 2009, and the China shipment arrived. Unfortunately, I was still recovering from surgery in Portland and couldn't help. Never fear, Heinz handled it like a champ!
Our boxes in the moving van weren't adequately secured and there was some shifting that resulted in a bit of damage...

But for the most part, the damage was minimal and we were glad to get our things to Alpine, safe and sound.

Boxes, crates and furniture filled up most of the house. A HUGE unpacking job, especially for me, 1 week post-op...

Henry's Finally Here!

It was a cold and snowy day in Boise....Ryann woke up early, in labor, on the day that she was due to be induced, Jan 16, 2009. With her history....she and Chad hightailed it to the hospital where Henry was born without a hitch at 11am. I was in Portland awaiting my double whammy surgery and wasn't able to see the little guy til a few weeks later but Heinz dropped everything and drove up to Boise the same day. Here's the cute little guy!

First a bath.....

Then all swaddled up, clean and fresh to meet the the fam...

Cole thinks he's pretty awesome!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Temple Square Outing...